Why we shouldn’t pursue Hydrogen cars and Nuclear Energy.

2 min readApr 3, 2021


Every time things are done in the right way, life feels not just marginally good but by wayyyy significantly good. That is what is happening right now when people switch from gas guzzlers to electric. Electric cars are not marginally better, they are way better compared to gasoline cars.

If we just switched to hydrogen cars instead of electric vehicles just for sake of climate change,

Hydrogen cars would have never ….

…… become cheaper as fast as electric cars (because of high complexity in. hydrogen production and transport).

…… become as fast as electric cars.

…… become easy to switch from gasoline. (because of the need for hydrogen refill stations).

…… become maintenance-free (because of high complexity).

…… be charged at home or by solar panels installed on the roof.

…… become absolute off-grid.

In short, hydrogen cars would have become just a replacement for oil and nothing else. Everything still stands the same. You have to go to (Hydrogen) gas station to fill it up. Hydrogen just becomes as cheap as gasoline/petrol, not below that. Because it doesn’t have to. People will just think of hydrogen as new gasoline/Diesel. The only thing that Hydrogen cars will/can bring is ‘it lets you forget about climate change.’

But Electric vehicles are bringing a revolution in society. Logistics impact everything in our modern life from ‘where we grow the food’ to ‘how we goto office’. Electric vehicles are directly impacting equations of logistics. In the near term, EVs can lower the transportation cost of goods by at least a magnitude (10 X lower). So many commodity prices will drop, helping the average middle class and below.

The story is the same for Nuclear energy. Nuclear energy can solve our climate change problem. But can do nothing else.

Nuclear energy will never become ….

…… as cheap as solar energy or wind. (Because there is always transportation and service charges)

…… a decentralized energy source.

…… adaptive for demand compared to solar energy.(Because building nuclear plants can take years.)

……. Nuclear radiation free.

…… off-grid.

Simply put, we shouldn’t pursue Hydrogen cars and Nuclear energy because there is no impact on society.

I’m writing this article because no one ever will put and waste their time and emotions into nuclear energy and Hydrogen cars again. I was one of those candidates who believed in Nuclear energy, particularly ‘Thorium nuclear fuel’. Over the period I have released there is no /little future for nuclear energy on earth.




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